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Misa Mead

(Japan) International Soloist

Misa was born in the city of Kumamoto, in the south west of Japan.

She graduated from Tokyo College of Music in 2008.

At both high school and university she was a scholarship student. 

Misa won the unanimous Gold Medal at the European Solo Competition for Young Soloists in Luxembourg 2011, as well winning the first prize at the 4th All-Japan Junior High and Senior High School Students Wind Instruments Solo Contest, 2000, and the 25th All-Kyushu Music Competition Gold Award 2001. 

At the highly prestigious 7th Jeju International Wind and Percussion Solo Competition 2012, South Korea, she won third prize and was the highest placed Asian performer.

Misa graduated with Honors at the Paris Conservatory in 2012.

She appeared as a guest soloist in March 2013 at the TubaMania Festival in Bangkok, Thailand and is set to return there in March 2014.

She also appeared as a guest artist in May 2013at the South West Region Tuba Euphonium Conference (SWRTEC) in California, USA, performing her own compositions.

In 2013 she was appointed High School Performance Assistant at the Tokyo College of Music. She also works closely with the Tokyo-based Spiel Kammerensemble.

Misa is an active as freelance composer and orchestrator. 

Many of her works are published by ASKS Winds (Japan) and distributed world-wide.

Since July 2013, Misa has moved to the UK, and performed many concerts in Europe including in France, Italy, Germany, Canada, and Lithuania . She married the famous British euphonium artist Steven Mead in March 2014, and changed her name from Misa Akahoshi to Misa Mead and with this, her debut album Journey, her recording career has also begun. 

Misa was recently appointed as a Besson Euphonium Artist and will represent the Buffet Group around the world with her solo and duet activities.